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If you would like to start your adventure in online dating, here are some unmissable tips to start off on the right foot and get to know the playing field.

It is well known that these online dating apps put women at the center of everything. And with good reason, women in these apps often get experiences from weird guys that scare them, or receiving hundreds of similar messages from the same type of desperate guys who don’t take her down from the pedestal.
This is vital; do not be someone to distrust, do not make women uncomfortable, do not insult them, remember that if they are on the defensive, it is for a reason and, even if it is not your fault, a good man looks for ways, does not look for someone to blame.

The 10 commandments for successful online dating

1 Attitude is everything

When we say that attitude is everything, we are not exaggerating, understanding and taking the right attitude can radically change all your interactions and even your profile and how women see you.

When we talk about a proper attitude, we talk about why you are in these apps and what your intentions are.

Many men enter these apps because they want to get something from women; almost always, casual sex without much effort. On the other hand, if you are a gentleman who knows how to have fun, and you know that you are a good company that has a lot to share, in that case your whole attitude, your interactions, and obviously your results are going to be drastically different from the desperate ones of the first case.

2 Be casual

It is important that you use common sense when you are interacting in these apps. No one is looking to commit to anyone or anything by entering these apps; no woman is obliged to make an appointment with you for having made a match, they are not obliged to give you their data, to be friendly, they are not even obliged to answer your messages, so do not be tiresome and do not pressure.

Being casual also means taking interactions lightly, don’t expect that a girl you matched with to be your girlfriend, or agree to go to your house on the first date, take it easy. Many women who are really interested in a man sometimes limit themselves to not going on dates or not going very far in conversations simply because they don’t want to seem like an easy woman.

So now you know, don’t worry, take it easy and be casual.

3 Do not lie

It seems obvious, but at a glance through the dating apps you can easily see that very few people take this advice seriously.

You may be looking for quick and casual encounters and you want to impress with fake photos, rented cars or fantastic professions, let me tell you that this is counterproductive, most lies come out sooner rather than later and the story of the boy who lost his better half for starting by lying.

Nobody may say it, but transparency is attractive, showing yourself as you are is the most attractive thing you can do.

4 Be selective

Even if you’re just looking for a night of casual sex and you’ve already lowered your expectations, stay selective.

When you give yourself your place and are demanding, it shows that you are a valuable man who has enough to give and will not give it to just anyone. Scarcity is a very important point in our concept of attractiveness and you can play with it.

When you make your attention a scarce resource, women will take the value it deserves.

5 Description is the key

An original and creative description that shows who you are will always be that decisive factor that will send your profile to the right, many times regardless of the misuse of your photos.

Attention! The description is not an autobiography for you to tell us your whole life, your allergies, your favorite movies and your gastronomic tastes (be careful here vegans). All that is boring and nobody cares, the description is for you to capture a part of your personality and show that you are a different human from others.

Take your time to think of something that draws attention with your personal touch.

6 Pictures are the other key

There is no worse disappointment than meeting a person and someone totally different arrives with ten filters less and five years older than in the photo.
Your selection of photos says a lot about you; try to choose a selfie as natural as possible as the first photo and add photos that show that you have a social life: photos with friends, vacations, etc. Never dare to put a photo with several people in your main picture.

If you had to keep only one thing from this post, let it be this: Shirtless photos (when the context does not allow it; on a beach or in workout is fine), with cars or weapons do not work and are the most sordid of what you can do in these apps.

7 Be careful with opening lines

No, it is not bad that you use some opening lines that you found on Google to break the ice, the important thing is not to abuse and create false interactions that do not show who you really are.

Remember that this type of advices, as well as the opening lines, and many other resources are only tools to improve the experience of both sides in the interaction and not for you to use them to manipulate and take advantage.

8 Do not be a clown

It is well known that humor is that secret weapon that has led many men to get lucky; however, it is very easy to hide behind humor to want to hide our insecurities and that we end up looking like clowns in a show instead of an interesting man meeting a girl.

As with the previous point, balance is everything, if you are funny, use it to your advantage, and create pleasant interactions for both.

9 First date is not to celebrate your engagement

Many men commit this mistake without realizing it, and it is one of the worst mistakes you can commit on a date, because it can ruin a good relationship without even realizing it.
When you match up with a girl, chat with her, like each other, and end up going on a date, the worst thing you can do is invite her to a romantic dinner or to your house.

You have to understand that having made a match and having some chat chemistry, doesn’t mean anything, they haven’t met yet and that’s what a first date is for, to get to know each other. Again, no one wants a romantic, married couple-worthy dinner with someone they don’t know.

A good first date should be in a casual place where you can talk and get to know each other, having a coffee in a place where you go frequently is ideal, in a known place you will feel comfortable, and you will be able to be yourself.

10 Be yourself

The cliché of clichés, be yourself. I know you’ve heard it a million times, and it sounds like empty advice that can’t be put into practice, but if you realize, all the above advice is the same thing, be yourself.

The online dating, in essence, has the same rules as the dating of a lifetime; do not pretend things that you are not, show yourself as you are, do not be afraid to show yourself vulnerable and do not imitate anyone because it will not come out. Being yourself is the most attractive thing you can do.